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  1. It’s not necessary for a student to be in class everday…but majority of days though cause sometimes you don’t really do that much. I agree with it cause it would probably teach the students how to be on time.

  2. I think its kinda dumb, because kids don’t have to be in school everyday. But than if they missed alot of days it be kinda good. to show the kids that you have to be in school and not be in a gang.

  3. Personally, I feel that having the kids carry around a GPS, is too extreme. Yes, it is important to go to school, but if the child doesn’t go to school then that specific child, can deal with the punishments, for skipping school.

      • Well, actually, they only give the trackers to the students who actually skipped. The trackers are too expensive for them to actually give to every student. What they do is that, once a student skips a class four times, they give them the tracker and check in on them three times a day to make sure they have the tracker, and that they attend class.

      • i agree with robin they should only give them to the kids that are skipping more than others.

    • I agree that having them carry around a GPS is a little extreme and that you should just punish on and not the others.

  4. There doesn’t seem to be any real reason why a student should not be in their current classroom if they are physically able to attend. Sure, being sick and other valid disturbances shouldn’t be ignored, but “I just don’t feel like going,” isn’t justifiable in the slightest. People don’t stay home from work just because they don’t feel like going, although there is the occasional “sick day” use. Yet, with school there’s no need to take a sick day. You aren’t there because you applied, you’re there because you have to be there for future acts in your life.

    Though, using GPS trackers seems a bit over the top. It wouldn’t be if the trackers didn’t cost hundreds of dollars. The article states that the school gave a 13 year old student an expensive piece of technology. Although that one student stated he didn’t want to damage the tracker, what’s stopping other people who aren’t as comfortable with such an object showing where they are at all times? I know if I had one of those given to me, I’d likely either place it somewhere else if I didn’t feel comfortable with being tracked to a certain area, or I would just give them back the tracker immediately. We have such a small ability to have privacy now, which is even more emphasised in these responses. Instead of a confidential journal entry, we have these comments, which everyone can read. It’s a wide gap between a public article response on a blog and being tracked by a GPS, sure, but there’s still that basic loss of privacy that links them together.

      • But, you have to go to school if you want to get paid enough as an adult with a job. If you fail a course because you miss it too often, you can’t get the prerequisites needed to get into the university classes that are, in turn, required for the job that you would like. Instead, you would need to have a job that pays less, and is not as comfortable as you would like.

        Whether you skip school or not really changes what will happen in the future. Sure, you could be lucky and become an entrepeneur, but likely you’ll end up with a rather uncomfortable job.

      • Well chippy if you want a good job and get paid well, you should go to school and get an education!

      • I agree wth chips… cause if i dont really get anything in return then i dont feel obligated to go but you do recieve an education and get to see your friends and whatnot i guess its the way you look at it all.

  5. i dont agree with this article because yes i think it is important to be in school, unless you have a good reason, but making the students carry around a GPS thing is a little much… especially making them check in with it when there not even at school.

    • I agree with Leslie, because why would you want to tell your teachers where you are, when not in school?

    • I think having them carry a GPS is a little extreme, but you still have to make sure they come to school.

  6. I think this whole situation in general is an over reaction and just plain foolish. It doesn’t seem right to make a kid carry around a tracking device so the school and police can track their every move. They say not for them to think of it as a punishment but it clearly is. If someone skips a class more than 4 times then chances are they don’t have any interest in that class. just because they skip that class doesn’t mean they are bound to skip all of their classes.

  7. I find that seems pretty fair. If you don`t show up four times, there is your punishment. I also have to agree with these measures because it is go to school or Juvy Hall. You just got to go to class every day and be done with it. There is no real point in skipping school, because, simply put, you have to go eventually.

  8. It isn’t nessary for anyone to go to school if they don’t feel like it because there most likley wasting the teachers time that other students could be using. I dont agree with the gps because they always know where you are and can get into your private business.

  9. I don’t think it’s necessary for a student to be in class every day because sometimes there’s just days where you don’t do as much work, or you don’t do work at all. I agree with it because students shouldn’t skip class. It’s just stupid to skip class.

  10. I think it is not necessary to track 10 year old kids down and make them go to school. The parents should make sure they are going to school; either by driving them to school or walk with them if they live close enough. The coaches that call the kids three times a day could not be coaches, but maybe kidnappers at the school or something. And i do not agree with the measures from ther school, to have the kid put a code in five times a day. What if they the kids forget to put the code in; do they get punished when they don’t put the code in it? And why do the parents have to pay for the GPS devices when they get lost. Don’t give them to the kids and they will not get lost or misplaced.

    • I wonder how someone who would possibly harm a student would be allowed to get a hold of the number to call the student. Not only would they have to have been working with children for many years, but they would likely be responsible.

      I mean, it’s not like they give out the numbers to random people on the street.

  11. I don’t think students need to wear a gps. I find it a bit creapy that someone knows where I am at at times

  12. kids should not be tracked like endangered animals, they have to make choices for themselves. its not goin to make a difference if they are forced to go to school or not, they wont learn anything if they dont have the intention to do so. i think this will lead to kids acting out more than they do now because they will feel traped and more pressured than they do now

  13. @Connor: Great point! It soed seem a little ‘over the top’ doesn’t it. However, the article implies that it is, in fact a crime to miss school. You may be headed to a jeuvenile detention hall – not where you want to be. I’d like to see the results of the pilot.

  14. I think this is stupid because it should be your choice if you want an education or not..

  15. It is not necessary for someone to go to school everyday, because of the fact of illness or anyother reasons.I think that the measures that this school is taking would suck it makes no sence. No person in the world would want to do that,at least I wouldn’t. The only possitive to this would be that teachers wouldn’t have to do as much attedence and that parents wouldn’t have to call in to excuse their teennage boy/girl. I think it would be a small advance in technoligy(very small)although it would be some what cool to have a better object to wake me up then my alarm clock, the GPS is one thing but an adult coach?

    • Would you want your kids walking around and up to no good during school hours.

  16. I think it extremely vital to have this system in school. It is very clever and other school should follow suit. How else are you going to get kids to stay in school. Although I would hate to wear one myself.

  17. Wanting to keep our youth out of trouble ad away from gangs is understandable. But is GPS tracking devices going to far?I think they’re taking things to an extreme and its kind of an invation to our privacy. Being in class every day really isn’t nessary, theres some days you dont even do any work. When it comes down to it though carring a GPS would be better than spending time in juvenile hall.

  18. I think this idea is very stupid. I myself would give back the device and continue going to school when I wanted. If i was forced to keep the device with me , I would throw it at the school and break it. How can you go to jail for skipping school , wtf. If this thinger comes to P.E.I I am just going to drop out of school and not come back. I have better things to do at home rather than come to school and listen to teachers.

  19. It is necessary for the kids to go to school because would you want junior high students and younger fooling around in your neighborhood during school hours. I think the Anaheim School District went to far because it should be a kid tries in school and tries to pass or does not give a care and fail.

  20. I think you dont have to be in school everyday even if you are sick and cant be there.It is really you and your parents decision weather you go to school or not, the schools they cant make you come to school.
    I dont think it is neccesary to have gps to if you only missed school because you were sick or something. Besides you could just throw it away if you didnt want to take it around with you. They cant force you to take it every where you go with you.

  21. i think gettin the kids to go to school is their least worry, they need to stop waisting everyones time on that and figure out a way to make them learn. even if they go whats the point if they dont want to learn? once they figure out how to make the kids want to learn there will be no problem to get the kids to go.

  22. 1. Yes, it is necessary for a student to be in class when ever possible, because when someone misses a day of school they miss alot of information that the teacher gives and makes the person who missed it behind. So then that person has to then find other ways of getting what they missed while way from school.
    2. I do not agree with the Anaheim School District, I think this kind of borders the line of invasion of privacy. Also, what if the coaches are pedifiles, they would always know where you would be at, and you could just easily just turn off the gps between the time of the checks.

  23. I think that these people are taking it to the extreme of making these kids carry around a GPS with them constantly. They could choose a way that was little less drastic. They should go to class though. Unless they have a perfectly good explanation of not going to class.

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