4 comments on “Monday

  1. i dont agree with this article because yes i think it is important to be in school, unless you have a good reason, but making the students carry around a GPS thing is a little much… especially making them check in with it when there not even at school.

  2. I think this idea is very stupid. I myself would give back the device and continue going to school when I wanted. If i was forced to keep the device with me , I would throw it at the school and break it. How can you go to jail for skipping school , wtf. If this thinger comes to P.E.I I am just going to drop out of school and not come back. I have better things to do at home rather than come to school and listen to teachers.

  3. I think it is necessary that they go to school every day. Unless there was perfectly explanation for their absence. I do not agree with the percautions that have been taken at this school. I think that they could pick a different way that wasn’t as drastic as what they are doing.

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