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  1. Hi, I like this article very much it’s saying how our times have changed very much and I think this is a good thing so the children of the future can learn more quickly and effectively. I also thought it was very interesting how if you handwrite an essay there is a chance you might have a better mark on it. I do agree that children might not being doing enough writing in school but my opinion is that we have to accept the fact that we have all this new technology where it might not be necessary to write things down on paper all the time. So, it may teach our children how to use a computer and how to type effectively, and how to be a good writer. 🙂

  2. Do you think that writing by hand is good exercise for your brain? Why? Why not?
    I think that writing by hand is a good excersise because it helps the child become more intelligent. I agree with this article that writing is something that helps with their every day learning. I also agree that writing down something gives someone more ideas, because when I write down something it makes the brain work more which gives you ideas.

  3. I think writing is better than tpying because some people suck at tpying and don’t get to think alot when they are tpying. Cause they’er force onjust getting in on the screen. It could make you think differently because your actually writing it down insteadof tpying it.

  4. At times, writing can be a good thing, and a bad thing. It’s good because, it teaches you how to be a good write, for when your older. Knowing how to write now, well benefit you in the future.
    Writing can be a bad thing, because it can hurt your wrists, and using a computer, is much easier.

  5. I sort of agree with this, i think that writing is a good thing, and that kids should be taught how to write, and at school we should still practise it but typing is a good thing too. It makes things neater, and easier to read. People should still write it out too by doing a rough draft. I think that typing isn’t a big problem, but it deffenitly should not take over our life. Typing is a good skill that everyone should know.

  6. Isn’t it conflicting with the article we respond to if we all respond to it with typed text instead of handwriting it?

  7. I think that this article does make sence and the author of it does make a good point. It makes sence that writing rather than typing does help you learn a bit better because it takes more work. Also, it doesn’t suprise me that it is not just a problem in North America but China as well plus, I agree the author when they say that people are judged by their handwriting because it’s much better reading neat rather than messy writing. A few things i don’t get in the paragraph is why there was a MRI scanner that looked like a spaceship to get little kids to go in it, and also why they would expect students in grade 2, 4, and 6 to be good at typing, I would think anyone at those ages would be better at hand writing stuff.


  8. I think writing gives us more time to think about what we are writing down because writing is more natural than typing something out because we have been taught to handwrite a lot earlier than we have been taught to use a keyboard and we don’t need to think about what we are writing as much as when we are typing because when we write we are used to it; when we are typing, our attention is more towards the keyboard rather than what we are typing because our focus is more on what keys we are pushing.

  9. I think writting with your hand is better. It makes your brain more active and easier to produce ideas and thoughts. More penmenship should be encouraged in schools to develope the chids’ brain, ensuring better success later. Having said that, new methods such as typing need to be taken itno consideration as well. Times and tecnologies are changing.

  10. I believe writing by hand is good exercise for your brain because it is easier to write ideas from your head onto a piece of paper. Your brain not only reads what you physically write, but has a better understanding of what your subject is.

    Yes, I agree that writing by hand creates a different way of thinking compared to the thoughts generated when you type something. I agree with this because I often find myself wondering what I was about to say when I’s typing, but when I write things down, I can remember my own thoughts by the time I came up with the idea to when I write it down; even minutes after I wrote it.

    Writing in a journal makes me feel confident and open with my ideas and thoughts. I get the concept of why we have to write in a journal because it is good practice for our brains and ideas. I feel I can connect with my ideas in more detail when I write in a journal.

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